Business & Office Storage

Running your own business is a challenge, which is why you need the right support and partnerships to enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Our self-storage facilities can help you save money, improve productivity, and take your business to the next level. Protec can help your business if you need to:

  • Contract or expand your business with ease
  • Run a mini-warehouse system
  • Store goods and/or spares cost effectively
  • Place your stock in a local storage unit closer to your clients
  • Manage your office more efficiently
  • Store items such as files, office furniture, stationary, overstock, and display equipment
  • Achieve a cost effective storage solution for archives

Storage Unit Rentals for All Kinds of Industries

How much are you paying per square foot of the space you currently rent? Are you perhaps spending more to store inventory on premises than you should? You should consider increasing your selling space by moving stored goods to your storage unit that costs much less per square foot compared to your retail space. Increasing your selling area also increases your ability to make more sales.

Building and construction
Are you running out of storage space at your work place or keeping loads of business-related items stored in the basement or garage at home? You can free up space and organize your supplies and equipment by renting a storage unit. It will make it easier and faster to locate what you need, so you can get the work going earlier and achieve more during work hours.

Office space typically costs a lot of money per square foot. If you establish that it costs you a lot more to fill space in your office than in a storage unit (which is the case a vast majority of the time), you should consider expanding your workspace by moving archived materials to a storage unit. This will allow you to create more room for your employees and work, increasing office productivity.

Self-employed technicians
Self-employed mechanics, electricians and plumbers do not need to maintain a shop 24/7. They can take advantage of affordable commercial self-storage to store tools and equipment they don’t use on a daily basis.

Perfect for Storing All Kinds of Business Items

Our business storage solution is ideal for storing tools and equipment, medical files, business records, extra retail inventory, supplies and materials, and a lot more. Our facilities were designed with the needs of our different business clients in mind, so you can be assured of safe and secure office storage whether you’re de-cluttering, in transition, or just trying to minimize the cost of renting commercial space.

Our business storage units can benefit:

  • Legal firms
  • Contractors
  • Medical offices
  • Retail stores
  • Sales representatives
  • Pharmaceutical representatives
  • Local small businesses

Some of the Storage 101 amenities that can be of help to you include:

  • Convenient access for daily visits
  • Climate controlled units for extra safety
  • S4-hour camera surveillance systems
  • Electronic gate access so only those with the code can access the facilities
  • Month-to-month leases for flexibility and convenience
  • Proper lighting

Your existing business space will serve you best when utilized to make money for the business. You can move the extra inventory, records, or other things that do not directly relate to business operations so you can maximize on your space, boost productivity, and increase profits.

Frequently Asked Business Storage Questions

What are business storage units and how can they benefit my business?
Business storage units are storage spaces specifically designed to cater to the storage needs of businesses. These units provide additional space for storing inventory, equipment, documents, files, and other business-related items. Business storage units can benefit your business by providing a cost-effective solution for extra space, allowing you to free up office or retail space and keep your business organized and efficient.
What security features should I look for in a business storage facility?
When selecting a business storage facility, it's important to consider security features such as surveillance cameras, controlled access with electronic gates, individual unit alarms, and well-lit premises. Make sure to look for a facility that prioritizes the security and protection of your business belongings.
Can I store sensitive documents or confidential files in a business storage unit?
Yes, business storage units are suitable for storing sensitive documents or confidential files. To ensure the safety of such items, it's recommended to choose a climate-controlled unit to protect against humidity and temperature fluctuations. Additionally, consider utilizing sturdy file boxes, labelling them clearly, and maintaining an organized inventory system for easy retrieval when needed.
Can I access my business storage unit outside of regular business hours?
Yes. All of our business storage units can be accessed 24/7, making it easy to get the items you need when you need them most.
What is the average cost of a business storage unit?
The cost of a business storage unit can vary depending on factors such as location, unit size, amenities, and duration of rental. Make sure to speak with one of our certified storage consultants to find out how much it will cost to rent a storage unit for your business.